You and Me, Dancing Together

by N.A.U.S ft. Olivia Brown



A nice summer afternoon, sun is starting to get down, holding drinks and start to come into the groove. The sounds make us start to dance, in the background some percussion and on top of it all that 90's organ sound, love, indeed, surrounds us !


When love find's you, don't, let go, hold love close and let, it grow.
When i, ask why, the reply, is love surrounds us.
Lets stay thru.

When i, ask why, is love surrounds us.

You and Me, dance together, You and Me, stay together,
You and Me, dance forever, all my life has come together.


released January 6, 2016
Vocals by Sheryl Cohen, Music and arrangement by Thijs Naus




Thais Records Netherlands

We need to make and establish our symbols, rituals, art and gatherings to express our believe in Music. Music is the glue that binds us all. Songwriters can make the right words and sentences, Artists can shape our culture, Dj's can perform a show and all can touch our hearts. Let each of us express their believe in the music of all, and let each of us, unite in music as one. ... more

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